Outstanding works need powerful tools.

Explore with us what can be done with modern technologies.


They said: You can't do that on a website. They lied.

Cause today frontend technologies rocks, and you can do basically anything with them.

React.js, Riot.js, Angular.js, and the good'ol jQuery are the frameworks we employ while we architecting our rich client solutions. FrontEnd is where the web gets its newer tricks: Canvas, webGl, CSS3, HTML5 Apis. And we love tricks a lot.

WEB Backend

APIs are the next marketing platform.

The future is in openness and connection. Speaking of services, APIs are the roads of the digital worlds.
PHP and Node.js are our tool of the trade concerning backend development. We strictly embrace standards: most of the time in the form of MVC RESTful APIs. The speed of development, the flexibility and the proven qualities of both platforms build up for the best mix of reliability ,agility and sustained performances necessary to build the next level of world scale Web Services.

Native Apps

Mobile is not about making things smaller.

No way. Mobile is about redesigning the whole experience. Screens are smaller, attention spans shortens, and anything that is less than smoothly trivial basically fails.

That's the reason why we strictly develop our native solution with objective-c/swift code for iOS devices and Java for Android: to ensure best in class performance and top tier responsiveness to our Application UIs.


The cloud is someone else's computer ?
Yeah, sure.

With some rare exceptions, Cloud services are an incredibly powerful resources to kickstart and scale projects of any purpose and size. Normally we work deploy any project we work on on Cloud infrastructure and while we worked with many different vendors such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, our first choice goes to Amazon Web Services, the clear leader in the field.

Big Data & Machine Learning

Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analitycs is the combustion engine.

But getting lost in the maze of marketing words can be easy.

We build and run scalable Big data solutions that go beyond the buzzwords, designing effective solutions to extract insights from huge datasets and data pipelines by employing technologies such as AWS RedShift, Hadoop, AML, Couchbase, delivering real world result at a fraction of the costs.


3 Billion People play games on their smartphones. Want to jump on the wagon ?

Appfactory creates, designs and develops top quality mobile games with financial or publishing partners or third party contractor for digital only or physical+digital consumer products.

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